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Immaculate Pooch Grooming is available to answer any questions you may have about the grooming process.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to have my pet groomed?

Yes. Appointments allow us to give each pet the special attention and time they deserve.

We do not accept walk in-appointments for our services.

What if I’m unhappy with the groom?

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your pet’s groom, please reach out to an Immaculate Pooch Team Member to give us the opportunity to meet your needs and expectations.

There may be a reason your pet’s haircut is choppy or a toenail is bleeding. Perhaps your pet was squirming, his hair was heavily matted, or the nails had been slightly neglected. We want to work with you to ensure satisfaction, and we can’t fix what we don’t know about. Pet grooming is not an exact science. All dogs are not created equal, and most pets come with their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. If you have questions about your pet’s grooming session, please ask us. If you still have concerns, please contact us immediately and allow us the opportunity to address the situation and make it right. Your satisfaction is our goal!

At what age should my puppy have his/her first professional grooming?

Puppies should be introduced to professional grooming around 16 weeks of age and scheduled for our puppy program, which gradually lets your puppy get acquainted with the sights, sounds, smells, and procedures.

How often should I have my pet groomed?

We recommend setting up a maintenance grooming schedule of at least every 4-8 weeks. With regular grooming, your pet’s coat will stay in good shape, shedding is reduced, and your pet will look and feel better. You will receive our maintenance grooming price for having your dog groomed on a regular basis!

How long will my pet need to stay for grooming?

A typical grooming procedure takes anywhere from two to four hours depending on your dog’s size, coat condition, and temperament. Additional time may be needed for larger dogs or dogs with thick or matted fur. We will call you when your pet’s groom is complete, please do not come into the salon to see if your pet is ready, this makes finishing the grooming process nearly impossible.

Should I have my pet groomed in the winter?

Yes! Grooming is a year-round process. Some people prefer to leave their dog’s hair longer during the winter months. Longer hair has a greater chance of developing matts and tangles when it is not professionally maintained. Matting does not allow proper airflow through the coat, which can lead to health problems. If you would like to keep your dog’s hair long, your dog will need to be professionally maintained to avoid matting and help maintain a healthy skin and coat. Short-haired breeds also need attention in the colder months. Pet skin can become dry and flaky due to a lack of humidity in the colder air. Regular shampooing, conditioning, and brushing can help stimulate the natural oils to ease the dryness.

Should I tip the groomer?

As in any other service profession, tips are always welcome. The grooming process is a long and sometimes difficult one. Groomers often have to contend with pets that bite and/or constantly move on the table and are uncooperative during the entire grooming process. We spend a great deal of time being gentle and loving with your pet and take pride in our work, so tips are always greatly appreciated, though not expected.

My dog is kind of cranky and not very well behaved. Will you be able to groom him?

There isn’t much we haven’t seen or dealt with. We see all dogs as potential friends. Most dogs with behavioral issues are just scared, and, with care and compassion, a new friendship can blossom. If your dog’s issues are especially time consuming, there might be additional fees for your dog’s visit.

Why can my dog’s nails sometimes bleed after having been groomed?

Sometimes a dog’s nails are very long, and we try to cut them as close as possible to the quick (the vein located inside the dog’s nails). If the nails have been neglected, the quick will grow to the end, so when the nails are cut, the quick may also be cut. This is not serious, and we have powder that stops the bleeding. However, when the dog walks on pavement, the nail may open and bleed again. You can use a dry bar of soap and scrape it against the nail. You can also use flour or baking powder to stop the bleeding. If your dog’s nails are long, they should be cut every two weeks so the quick will recede and help prevent bleeding in the future.

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