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The Immaculate Groom is the industry’s leading grooming experience. We have designed our services to be thorough, safe, effective, and appropriate for all dog breeds.

What a Full Groom includes:

An Immaculate Groom includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, removal of hair in the ear canal (breed specific, please see below), bath including two shampoos, (specially chosen to meet the needs of your pets skin and coat), blueberry facial, blow dry, brushing and haircut (pet or breed specific). **Please let our team members know if you/your vet does not want the hair removed from your pet’s ear canal.

Immaculate Pooch Grooming also offers many extra services (featured on the Extra Services page) to add to your pet’s grooming experience. If you would like to add an extra service for your pet, please inform us while scheduling your pet’s appointment.

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